Operation Christmas Child

We have been getting ready to go to Boone, NC to the Operation Christmas Child distribution center. We are all excited to be able to go and see just how the distribution center works. We will be working for three days and will also be able to visit Samaritan’s Purse Headquarters as well.

This week AFA had a packing party to pack 200 shoeboxes that we will be taking with us to Boone. And I thought I would show you some of the pictures from the packing party. My husband, Ms. Coni Gann and Ms. Angie May were in charge of the whole thing and I think they did a great job. Just to explain, there was a boy’s side and a girl’s side and then there was a neutral table also. So depending on which box you were packing, you would go down that side. Some of the items that were put into all the boxes were: soap & wash cloths, toothpaste & toothbrushes, pencils, notebooks, stickers, goo goo eyes, and much more. In the boys’ boxes they got a hacky sack, a ball cap, matchbox cars, socks and combs. In the girls’ they got compact brushes, socks, lip gloss, teddy bears, and hair bows.






My Honey!


My Baby packing a box.



The teddy bear for the girls’ boxes.


The cake we had made for the party. It was almost gone by the time I got out to make a picture.


Our van loaded down bound for Boone.




Yesterday Jim and I left a day early on our way to Asheville, NC and Abby left for a mission trip to Jackson, MS with We Will Go ministries. So we are all traveling this weekend. Abby will be back home tomorrow, but Jim and I will be gone for a week.

We are in Fairfield Glade TN. This place is gorgeous! It is a big golfing community, but the area is very pretty and serene. Today has been wonderful. We didn’t have an agenda, we weren’t in hurry to go anywhere, and it was a very stress free day. We had so much fun just being together. We started with a nice breakfast at a place called The Log Cabin. Which we then decided to go back and rest. It had been such a long week, Jim was exhausted. We went back into town around 2:30p. We stopped at The Custard Cabin and had some frozen custard that was very good. It was like very smooth ice cream. We then went Geocaching until almost 6pm. We found 11 caches in all. We are now up to 418 caches. Jim wants us to get to 500, but I don’t think its going to happen on this trip. We ended our day at The Catfish Cabin, do you see a theme? This was one of the best catfish and hushpuppies I have ever eaten. I could only eat two pieces of fish, they were so big. The rest of our evening we will be resting getting ready to finish the drive to Asheville.

Here are some pictures of our trip so far.

4 20 13 010

This is the fireplace, gas logs, and the TV in the condo.

4 20 13 014

The is the jacuzzi. This was in a room all by itself and there was a skylight above it.

4 20 13 011

This was taken right outside on the balcony. There is a little creek, but I don’t think you can see it in the picture. You could hear though.

4 20 13 018

This is one of the cache sites. I’m not sure if it is a crypt or just a memorial.

4 20 13 017

This was at the same cache site, I just thought it was a beautiful tree.

I’d also like to give an update on our garden. Mom and I planted three rows of Okra, five yellow squash, five zuchini squash, two tomato plants, and three rows of butter beans. Here are a couple of pictures.

4 20 13 001

4 20 13 002

Well that’s all I’ve got for right now. Blessings!!

NRB – Isreal Breakfast

I am sitting in the Israel breakfast at NRB. I’m listening to the speakers talking about the struggles and desires of all the people of Israel. I truly believe the Israel does have the right to exist, but am I doing anything about it. One statement that hit me right between my eyes was, “love is not shown in words but in deeds.” I love the Israeli people because they are God’s chosen people. But then I do have to ask myself if I am doing what God would have me do to show my love in more than just my words but in my deeds.

What can I do? I know the greatest deed I CAN do is to pray! But even that doesn’t seem enough. I have truly been touched. My heart has been stirred. What would my Lord have me do?

Would you pray with me? Pray for Israel and for what we, as Christian American Gentiles, can do to support the land of Israel.

Thank you for listening to my rantings.


My husband’s Peru mission trip

I would like to share with you my husband’s missionary trip to Peru.  He was asked to go to Peru with Operation Christmas Child.  He left Monday, Feb. 18th and arrived back hom on the 22nd.  This trip was a wonderful opportunity for Jim to see missions in action.

Monday Jim was traveling the entire day.  The only thing about this is that he had to fly West to Dallas, to then go East to Miami, to then go South to Peru.  It was crazy!  He left at around 6am from Memphis and arrived in Peru at 10pm.  It was a very long day!!!

Tuesday and Wednesday his team, the red team, had two distributions each day.  Each church put on a program before the boxes were passed out.  Jim said that one of the things that really got to him was the children’s pure delight.  There were some things that he was surprised about.  One was how excited the children were to get their picture taken and then to see the picture right then.  The other was how much the children loved getting letters in their boxes.  He said that when a child got a letter they would run to the interpreter and have him read it to them.  Some of the pictures Jim took are just amazing and precious.

Another thing that was amazing was how children recieved things that they needed.  Not just toys, but real needs.  One child needed orthopedic shoes.  He found in his box orthopedic shoes in his size.  Another child had problems with his teeth and that child recieved medicated toothpaste.  You have to understand these boxes are randomly chosen to go to an area.  There is no way someone would know what to send.  This is purely a God thing!  Is that not amazing and wonderful!!!  Our God is an awesome God.

Thursday the team had one distribution in the morning and then had some free time to go to the market.  Jim also went and found a geocache while he was there.  So now TeamTSH is international.  Jim’s trip back home on Friday was just as long as Monday.  Even longer since the plane leaving Dallas to Memphis left late.  He arrived in Memphis around 10:30pm.  Abby and I didn’t care though, we were just happy he was home.

This trip has been such a wonderful experience for Jim.  He has been talking and showing pictures all day.  It’s great to see his heart in this matter.

If you would like to see some of the pictures from Jim’s trip, find him on facebook at www.facebook.com/jim.stanley.319

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