New things in my life.

I haven’t blogged in a long time, but I’ve decided to start again.  I lot of things have changed in my life, some good and some I’m not too happy about.  The biggest change is that I am no longer homeschooling.  We decided to allow Abby to go to school this year.  She began in the public school here in our community.  She tested really well, in fact she tested into high school, but we decided she needed to stay in the 8th grade to give her some time to adjust.  Well after just a month and a half, she wasn’t doing well at all.  Almost every grade I saw her bring home was failing. So my husband and I decided to pull her and put her into the Christian school.  The day we pulled her out of the public school she received her progress report.  She was actually not failing any classes except the computer class.  I don’t understand the grading system at all.  But we decided to go with our plan and she is now at the Christian school here in town.  I can honestly say as a former math teacher, the common core makes no sense at all!!

Another change is that I have started my own business, actually two.  I am tutoring here at my home two days a week.  I have one student that comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays all day.  She is a homeschooler and I am helping to direct her schooling.  I will post on “The Servant’s Heart” page what we are doing for her homeschooling.  I also have two public school children that come on those days as well after school.  For the most part I help them with math.  They are both very bright young people, but the common core is just not clicking with them.  I have to be honest, it isn’t clicking with me either.  My plan to help them is to teach the math as I have always taught it and help them use that to check their work and to make sure they have the right answer.  On their tests they have both admitted that as long as they have the right answer its ok.  I’m hoping this will help them.

My other business is I am now a Thirty-One Gifts consultant.  I love it and I love the products.  I had some of the bags before I joined, but now I have so many beautiful bags! My website is:  Go check it out.  You can view a catalog and shop right there on the website.  I am hoping that this business will be a help to our family budget.

Well that’s the biggest changes in my life so far.  I am also going to post later today what I am planning on doing as an experiment to try and lose weight and improve my health.  So check back later.




Menu Monday


Monday – Chicken Salad, chips

Tuesday – Chili and Cornbread

Wednesday – Supper at church

Thursday – Beans & Sausage (in crockpot) and Cornbread

Friday – Lasagna, cut green beans and Mayo rolls

Saturday – Grilled Chicken Sandwiches and FF

Sunday – Taco Soup (in crockpot)

52 Week $ Challenge

I saw this challenge on another blog and thought “I could do that!” So I’m going to attempt it. I found the challenge and the printables on 52 Week $ Challenge at Life as You Live It.

There is also a children’s version that uses quarters.


The way it works is every week you add money to your jar. The first week is $1, the second week is $2, the third is $3, the 4th is $4, and so on. The last week, week 52 you add $52. You will then have a little over $1,300. Who couldn’t use that at the end of the year? So who’s with me??

Until next time!

My Motivational Marbles

I’m still trying to lose weight, but I haven’t done so well so far. So I’ve decided to set some goals and really get to it.

I found this idea about a year ago on Pinterest. You might have seen it, its called Motivational Marbles. I loved the idea from the very beginning. The idea is to weigh to get your starting weight and then set your goal. You can set your ultimate goal or you can set smaller goals. I’ve decided to set smaller goals and then as they are met set the next one. This seems better to me. The ultimate goal will take some serious time and I need motivation and success on a quicker scale, so setting smaller goals seemed better for me.

So my first goal is 50 lbs. (I’ve even thought about 25 lbs at a time).

Now I needed to set up my Motivational Marbles, so I went to Walmart to see what I could find. I found the jars and the marbles together on the same shelf. Here are some pictures of mine. Note: in this picture I had put 100 marbles in because I was going to do the ultimate goal, but decided to do the smaller goals. Ok, I changed my mind. That is allowed you know.


I decided to go with green to match my bathroom. I’ve lost 5 lbs, so there are 5 marbles in the “faith” jar already.

On Pinterest the jars are plain and they had put “pounds to lose” and “pounds lost” on the jars with bling stickers. When I found these jars with “love” and “faith” on them I thought they were perfect. There was also one with “hope” on it that I got for my daughter. She made her a set also.

My jars are “love” for pounds to lose and “faith” for pounds lost. My saying right now is “I love myself because I am a daughter of the King, and I have faith through my Father that I WILL lose this weight”. I know corny. But again I need motivation and saying this to myself is motivating to me.

I’m exercising on a ski machine thing and working out with my Wii. It’s just tooooo hot here to get out much right now. I will begin my training for walking a 5K again when the weather cools a little. In fact my homeschool co-op group will be hosting a 5K in November. I’ll post the exact date when we have it set up. I’d love to have some of my blog friends come and walk it with me, that would be awesome!

I’m excited about my Motivational Marbles and I think this will really help me stay on track. After I’ve lost the first 50 lbs, I’ll start over and do another 50. Overall I’ve got about 125 lbs to lose. so prayers would be appreciated.

Until next time.

Meal Plan Monday


Monday – Beef & Broccoli Stir-fry

Tuesday – Mac & Cheese w/ hotdogs (Abby is cooking)

Wednesday – CHURCH

Thursday – Lemon Pepper Chicken, Au Gratin Potatoes, and French style beans.

Friday – Chili and Cornbread

Saturday – Grilled porkloin, soft fried potatoes, and butter beans

Sunday – Crockpot Sticky Chicken, rice, and mixed vegis

Have a great week!


Yesterday Jim and I left a day early on our way to Asheville, NC and Abby left for a mission trip to Jackson, MS with We Will Go ministries. So we are all traveling this weekend. Abby will be back home tomorrow, but Jim and I will be gone for a week.

We are in Fairfield Glade TN. This place is gorgeous! It is a big golfing community, but the area is very pretty and serene. Today has been wonderful. We didn’t have an agenda, we weren’t in hurry to go anywhere, and it was a very stress free day. We had so much fun just being together. We started with a nice breakfast at a place called The Log Cabin. Which we then decided to go back and rest. It had been such a long week, Jim was exhausted. We went back into town around 2:30p. We stopped at The Custard Cabin and had some frozen custard that was very good. It was like very smooth ice cream. We then went Geocaching until almost 6pm. We found 11 caches in all. We are now up to 418 caches. Jim wants us to get to 500, but I don’t think its going to happen on this trip. We ended our day at The Catfish Cabin, do you see a theme? This was one of the best catfish and hushpuppies I have ever eaten. I could only eat two pieces of fish, they were so big. The rest of our evening we will be resting getting ready to finish the drive to Asheville.

Here are some pictures of our trip so far.

4 20 13 010

This is the fireplace, gas logs, and the TV in the condo.

4 20 13 014

The is the jacuzzi. This was in a room all by itself and there was a skylight above it.

4 20 13 011

This was taken right outside on the balcony. There is a little creek, but I don’t think you can see it in the picture. You could hear though.

4 20 13 018

This is one of the cache sites. I’m not sure if it is a crypt or just a memorial.

4 20 13 017

This was at the same cache site, I just thought it was a beautiful tree.

I’d also like to give an update on our garden. Mom and I planted three rows of Okra, five yellow squash, five zuchini squash, two tomato plants, and three rows of butter beans. Here are a couple of pictures.

4 20 13 001

4 20 13 002

Well that’s all I’ve got for right now. Blessings!!

Old School Blogging, April

I’ve been reading a lot of different blogs lately and I’ve found some great ideas for my blog. This idea came from The Miss Elaine-ous Life. She calls if “Old School Blogging” and has started a meme that she will be posting once every month. Here is this month’s meme post. If you would like to join in post in the comments. I’ve put her button at the bottom of this post.

What were you doing 10 Years Ago?
I was going back to college to complete my degree. I was a mother of three and was living in Pontotoc, MS.

What 5 things are on your to do list?
Work on Literature curriculum
Make Chocolate pie (sugar free of course)
Plant okra seeds in seed cups
Make weekly lesson plans
Two loads of clothes

What are 5 snacks you enjoy?
Diet coke & peanuts
Special K 100 calorie chips
Apples & peanut butter
Jell-o (I know weird)

Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire?
Build a house on land with enough room for a cow.
Buy a nice car.
Give a lot to various charities
Invest and save for kids education/future
Travel all over, mostly to Europe

Name some places you have lived.
Hattiesburg, MS (where I was born)
Gulfport, MS
Tupelo, MS
New Albany, MS (Ms is it, sad!)

Name some bad habits you have.
Nail biting
Forgetting things
Staying up too late
Overeating at night

Name some jobs you have had.
Data Entry clerk

Okay, so now that you know more about me, it’s YOUR turn!

P.S. There will be a new meme every month so get ready for even more Old School Blogging!

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