New things in my life.

I haven’t blogged in a long time, but I’ve decided to start again.  I lot of things have changed in my life, some good and some I’m not too happy about.  The biggest change is that I am no longer homeschooling.  We decided to allow Abby to go to school this year.  She began in the public school here in our community.  She tested really well, in fact she tested into high school, but we decided she needed to stay in the 8th grade to give her some time to adjust.  Well after just a month and a half, she wasn’t doing well at all.  Almost every grade I saw her bring home was failing. So my husband and I decided to pull her and put her into the Christian school.  The day we pulled her out of the public school she received her progress report.  She was actually not failing any classes except the computer class.  I don’t understand the grading system at all.  But we decided to go with our plan and she is now at the Christian school here in town.  I can honestly say as a former math teacher, the common core makes no sense at all!!

Another change is that I have started my own business, actually two.  I am tutoring here at my home two days a week.  I have one student that comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays all day.  She is a homeschooler and I am helping to direct her schooling.  I will post on “The Servant’s Heart” page what we are doing for her homeschooling.  I also have two public school children that come on those days as well after school.  For the most part I help them with math.  They are both very bright young people, but the common core is just not clicking with them.  I have to be honest, it isn’t clicking with me either.  My plan to help them is to teach the math as I have always taught it and help them use that to check their work and to make sure they have the right answer.  On their tests they have both admitted that as long as they have the right answer its ok.  I’m hoping this will help them.

My other business is I am now a Thirty-One Gifts consultant.  I love it and I love the products.  I had some of the bags before I joined, but now I have so many beautiful bags! My website is:  Go check it out.  You can view a catalog and shop right there on the website.  I am hoping that this business will be a help to our family budget.

Well that’s the biggest changes in my life so far.  I am also going to post later today what I am planning on doing as an experiment to try and lose weight and improve my health.  So check back later.




Menu Monday


Monday – Chicken Salad, chips

Tuesday – Chili and Cornbread

Wednesday – Supper at church

Thursday – Beans & Sausage (in crockpot) and Cornbread

Friday – Lasagna, cut green beans and Mayo rolls

Saturday – Grilled Chicken Sandwiches and FF

Sunday – Taco Soup (in crockpot)

Menu Monday (a day late)

Here is our menus for the week of Feb. 10th – Feb. 16th

Monday – Pork Loin in gravy, mashed potatoes, peas

Tuesday – Spaghetti

Wednesday – eat at church

Thursday – BBQ Chicken, rice, and green beans

Friday – Tacos

Saturday – Grilled chicken sandwiches

Sunday – Taco Soup in crockpot

Operation Christmas Child

We have been getting ready to go to Boone, NC to the Operation Christmas Child distribution center. We are all excited to be able to go and see just how the distribution center works. We will be working for three days and will also be able to visit Samaritan’s Purse Headquarters as well.

This week AFA had a packing party to pack 200 shoeboxes that we will be taking with us to Boone. And I thought I would show you some of the pictures from the packing party. My husband, Ms. Coni Gann and Ms. Angie May were in charge of the whole thing and I think they did a great job. Just to explain, there was a boy’s side and a girl’s side and then there was a neutral table also. So depending on which box you were packing, you would go down that side. Some of the items that were put into all the boxes were: soap & wash cloths, toothpaste & toothbrushes, pencils, notebooks, stickers, goo goo eyes, and much more. In the boys’ boxes they got a hacky sack, a ball cap, matchbox cars, socks and combs. In the girls’ they got compact brushes, socks, lip gloss, teddy bears, and hair bows.






My Honey!


My Baby packing a box.



The teddy bear for the girls’ boxes.


The cake we had made for the party. It was almost gone by the time I got out to make a picture.


Our van loaded down bound for Boone.


Happy Thanksgiving!!

This year it seems as if Thanksgiving has just snuck up on me. I’m just not ready! I’ve had the flu for almost two weeks, but I’m better and ready to tackle the cooking. I’m so glad we are not having our family Thanksgiving until Saturday Our menu is below with the cook beside it:

Smoked Turkey (Jim)
Smoked Ham (Jim)
Dressing (Mom – with me doing the cornbread)
Deviled Eggs (me)
Broccoli & Raisin salad (me)
Green Bean Casserole (Rebekah)
Fried Sweet Potatoes (mom)
Butter Beans (mom)
Rolls (me)
4 layered Dessert (mom)

We will have 9 people here on Saturday which is a small number for us. With the illnesses and other health problems lately, its probably better that this is a light year for us. I’m excited to be together with my family. I’m even starting to get excited about Christmas. I’m hoping to get my tree up by Dec. 10th. That’s my goal right now.

We also have some fun things to look forward to in the coming month. We have two parades to attend, a tree lighting, and our church’s Christmas musical. Our family also goes to look at lights at least once every year. Mom and I haven’t done any decorating yet, but I know we will begin that now that I’m better.

I’ve been surfing the internet looking for some Christmas crafts to do, and I found a good site. It’s Handimania. They’ve got some great and fun crafts. I also found a couple of good ones on youtube. One was LilyShop, and the other was ModernMom. I loved the Christmas Tree craft made of just construction paper and wrapping paper. They are cone shaped, but very cool. If you like to craft you might enjoy them.

I love Christmas time. The lights, the presents, the family being together, and especially knowing that this is our time to celebrate our Savior’s birth makes this a very special time.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving and will have a blessed Christmas.

Great time in the Atlanta area

We had a great time visiting my brother’s family this past week. We went on June 30th and stayed until July 3rd. July 2nd was my niece, Emily’s birthday and we had fun celebrating with her.

One of the things we did for her birthday was to go to the world of Coke in Atlanta. It was great! If you ever have the chance to go, do. We spent the better part of the afternoon there. There is some great history, a 4D theater, a bottling section, the Coca Cola polar bear, and much more. I could have spent another day.

Here are some pictures of our day at World of Coke.

This is Abby and I with the polar bear. He was great! At one point he was stroking Abby’s hair.

This is Abby and Emily in the lobby when we first arrived.

This is the first soda fountain that was used to make Coke.

This is the group of girls that went with us. Cece McArthur, Rachel Lolly, Lauren Works, Emily McArthur, McKinley Hood, Abby Halls, and my Abby is behind.

They had a bottle from every state, this is the one from Mississippi.

Tab, oh how I miss you!

Coca Cola Olympic pins.

This one is for Abby. The UK coke can.

The last thing we did was the tasting room. They have coke products from all over the world. If you go make sure and try the Beverly from Italy. Yum!

A Mini Vacation

I’m so excited! My wonderful husband is taking Abby and I on a mini vacation this weekend. It was all kind of “Hey let’s go to Memphis and have some fun.” so we are off to Memphis this afternoon.

We are going to spend tonight and tomorrow night and then get up early enough to get to church Sunday morning for our Celebration Service. Abby and I both are pretty excited.

Our plans are to go see Tim Hawkins tonight at Hope Pres., tomorrow swimming, movie in the afternoon (Man of Steel) and then a baseball game in the evening. So much fun!! Can’t wait!

I have the best hubby ever!

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