New things in my life.

I haven’t blogged in a long time, but I’ve decided to start again.  I lot of things have changed in my life, some good and some I’m not too happy about.  The biggest change is that I am no longer homeschooling.  We decided to allow Abby to go to school this year.  She began in the public school here in our community.  She tested really well, in fact she tested into high school, but we decided she needed to stay in the 8th grade to give her some time to adjust.  Well after just a month and a half, she wasn’t doing well at all.  Almost every grade I saw her bring home was failing. So my husband and I decided to pull her and put her into the Christian school.  The day we pulled her out of the public school she received her progress report.  She was actually not failing any classes except the computer class.  I don’t understand the grading system at all.  But we decided to go with our plan and she is now at the Christian school here in town.  I can honestly say as a former math teacher, the common core makes no sense at all!!

Another change is that I have started my own business, actually two.  I am tutoring here at my home two days a week.  I have one student that comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays all day.  She is a homeschooler and I am helping to direct her schooling.  I will post on “The Servant’s Heart” page what we are doing for her homeschooling.  I also have two public school children that come on those days as well after school.  For the most part I help them with math.  They are both very bright young people, but the common core is just not clicking with them.  I have to be honest, it isn’t clicking with me either.  My plan to help them is to teach the math as I have always taught it and help them use that to check their work and to make sure they have the right answer.  On their tests they have both admitted that as long as they have the right answer its ok.  I’m hoping this will help them.

My other business is I am now a Thirty-One Gifts consultant.  I love it and I love the products.  I had some of the bags before I joined, but now I have so many beautiful bags! My website is:  Go check it out.  You can view a catalog and shop right there on the website.  I am hoping that this business will be a help to our family budget.

Well that’s the biggest changes in my life so far.  I am also going to post later today what I am planning on doing as an experiment to try and lose weight and improve my health.  So check back later.




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