Great time in the Atlanta area

We had a great time visiting my brother’s family this past week. We went on June 30th and stayed until July 3rd. July 2nd was my niece, Emily’s birthday and we had fun celebrating with her.

One of the things we did for her birthday was to go to the world of Coke in Atlanta. It was great! If you ever have the chance to go, do. We spent the better part of the afternoon there. There is some great history, a 4D theater, a bottling section, the Coca Cola polar bear, and much more. I could have spent another day.

Here are some pictures of our day at World of Coke.

This is Abby and I with the polar bear. He was great! At one point he was stroking Abby’s hair.

This is Abby and Emily in the lobby when we first arrived.

This is the first soda fountain that was used to make Coke.

This is the group of girls that went with us. Cece McArthur, Rachel Lolly, Lauren Works, Emily McArthur, McKinley Hood, Abby Halls, and my Abby is behind.

They had a bottle from every state, this is the one from Mississippi.

Tab, oh how I miss you!

Coca Cola Olympic pins.

This one is for Abby. The UK coke can.

The last thing we did was the tasting room. They have coke products from all over the world. If you go make sure and try the Beverly from Italy. Yum!


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