The song Waterfall

Have you ever heard a song that touched your heart? I might have heard the song many times, but all of a sudden the meaning just hits me and touches my heart deeply. This has happened many times. I think its one way God has of speaking to me. The song “Blessings” has been one of those. The Lord used that song to get me through some hard times. Recently the song “Waterfall” by Salvador has been another song that I feel the Lord has touched my heart with.

Waterfall by Salvador

So many times I stayed thirsty
When all along I had Your cup
Within my reach

So many times I’ve gone weary
When there’s a water edge
Where I could rest

Renew me, refine me
Refresh me
Bring me to life

Overcome me like a waterfall
Overwhelm me, let me see You as You are
Pursue me, all of the days of my life
Let Your water fall

So many times I’ve run on empty
When all along I had Your word lifting me up
And when my life is like a desert
You’re like a precious spring that rises up within

Renew me, refine me
Refresh me
Bring me to life

I think many times we, as Christians, get into a “rut” in our Christian life. Do we actively seek God? Do we ask Him to refresh and and refine us? I know, that at times, I find myself coasting through my life. I also know that I don’t always seek God’s counsel, I try to figure things out for myself. This song has helped me to see some of my shortcomings. I love that it reminds me of God’s love and how He wants me to come to Him for refreshing. I can also see that I need God to refine me and to instruct me in be His servant. I can go to Christ with any and all problems that may come my way. This song also uses some wonderful imagery. Words like “there’s a water’s edge” and “You’re like a precious spring that rises up within”. The imagery of the waterfall is so uplifting and helps me to know that God is always here to renew my walk with Him.

I know I’m rambling, but knowing that my Father is there for me is so comforting.



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