We had such a wonderful time we have decided to go in July on our own. If you ever have the chance to go you really should. The place is beautiful, the food is great and of course the teaching is second to none. You can find a schedule of events here.

We worked hard during the conference, but it was still great. Here is a couple of pictures of where we were set up.
4 20 13 007

We were set up just on the left of this beautiful fireplace.

4 20 13 008

This is our booth. We had both the information table and the recording area together.

4 20 13 009

Jim working hard.

They had a really nice gift shop that was called Ruth’s Attic. I thought it was funny because it was essentially in the basement. I found a nice Willow Tree display. They had some beautiful ones with flowers.
4 20 13 004

Jim got me the one with the huge bouquet of roses. It’s so pretty.

We also got dad a hat, mom an umbrella, and Abby a neat Bible and bracelet that helps in witnessing.
4 20 13 012 4 20 13 011

I also bought some postcards with some great pictures.

4 20 13 014

This is the Training Center building. We were set up right inside off the balcony.

4 20 13 016

This is Shepherd’s Inn where our room was.

4 20 13 015

This is chapel. Jim and I went in on our way home. It was so beautiful!

On our way to NC, we stopped to do some geocaching and saw this sign.
4 20 13 018

So of course I had to stop. We bought a couple of t-shirts. Jim took some pictures and sent them to a friend that is crazy about chocolate. So on our way back we had to stop again and get her some chocolate covered twinkies. They make everything there, I tried a sample of the fudge, it was outstanding. Here are some pictures of all the chocolate.

4 20 13 020

The chocolate covered twinkies.

4 20 13 019

4 20 13 021

We got Abby a Chocolate and caramel covered apple.
4 20 13 022

4 20 13 023

Chocolate covered whoopie pies.

Our trip took us an extra day to get home because of a wreck on I-40. So we stayed in Hurricane Mills. Then made it home on Friday. I took Jim to work, but he decided not to stay too long. We headed on home after I went and got papers at the Journal office. I’ve started couponing, so I’ll post about that soon.


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