Billy Graham Training Center – The Cove

Today we have arrived at the Billy Graham Training Center, The Cove. We are here for The Heart Cry for Revival Conference. This place is so beautiful! We are up in the mountains and the facility is very nice. But before I go into all the pictures and such, I just want to say that yesterday was a wonderful day. We were both so stress free and relaxed that I am energized and I seem to have a new outlook on life. Maybe we need to do this more often. I wonder what would happen if we would all try and de-stress our lives some, would we feel like we had more energy, would we feel more loving and kind toward others. I’m hoping this experience will follow me home!!

Ok, back to our travels and work today. We left Fairfield Glade around 8am this morning. We did stop and eat at a Cracker Barrel, I’m not sure if we have ever been on a trip that we didn’t eat at a Cracker Barrel at least once. We did a little caching today, but not much. We drove on some very curvy roads through the mountains. While it was beautiful, I’m really glad I was driving or we would never have made it (I get extremely car sick). Because of the time change, and us forgetting about the time change, we were an hour later than we had planned. We did get unloaded and set up before supper. The booth is both the information booth and the broadcast booth, so we will be a little crowded. We have a big space though so it should be fine. We also have a booth for the “Behold Your God” video series and it looks great!

The supper tonight was amazing. It was buffet style but the food was really good. We had tomatoes with basil and cheese, bruschetta, Italian vegetables, pasta, roast beef with a mango demi, and a shrimp and crab combination dish. For dessert there was Creme Brule.

So now for the pictures:


This is our room door. After the cabin theme from yesterday, I thought this was just too funny.


This is a view from our balcony. It’s one of the trails that you can walk here at the Cove.


Another view from the room looking back at the Inn.


This is a view of the room from the balcony.


The “Behold Your God” booth with Mr. Matt Robinson.


The buffet from tonight. If this is what the food is going to be like the entire week, I’m in trouble or at least my diet is in trouble.


The dessert table. I did eat half of one, Matt ate the rest.


I’ll leave you with a view from the training center building looking over the mountains.



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