10 for 10

I’ve got some exciting things to share today! I’ve been reading a blog for a while now and I enjoy her writing very much, but I do have a problem sharing her blog because she uses some language I don’t approve of in her writing. But many times she has some good insights and projects that I have found encouraging. Today I’d like to share one of those projects.

Many of us decided on some New Year’s resolutions. But many of us also didn’t follow through with them. Well I’ve found a goal setting idea that I think is wonderful. It’s called 10 for 10, which means 10 goals for 10 months. It’s from Chobani yogurt. What you do is make an obtainable goal for every month remaining in the year. Because March is over it would really be 9 for 9, but 10 for 10 sounds better. I guess we can set goals all the way through January. That would be 10 months. You can read about this project here.


So here are my goals:
April – Follow my “walking a 5k” training and walk my first 5k.
May – Walk my 2nd 5k and finish planting the garden.
June – Begin writing the math curriculum and begin raising rabbits.
July – Make menu plans every week and continue them.
August – Complete my “Little Women” and “Little House” curriculums for publication.
September – Complete math curriculum.
October – Decorate the house and yard for Fall.
November – Learn to make dressing and begin making homemade Christmas gifts.
December – Send Christmas cards out the first week in December.
January – take a class online.

So what do you think? I’d love to hear what your goals might be. Post a link to your own blog or just your goals in the comments section. Let’s encourage each other.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.

Blessings until next time!


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