Today is a slow, relaxed day at our house.  Tomorrow is Easter and I’m looking forward to church and then a nice lunch.  Jim is going to smoke a couple of chickens and we are baking a ham.  I’m going to make stuffed eggs, a green bean casserole, and some kind of potatoes.  I have always loved Easter.  Abby is too old for Easter egg hunting, but I’m still planning on having her and Jim a basket.  

Training Update:  Training has come to a crawl because of the weather.  I haven’t walked for days, but I have worked on the glider, but I don’t think its the same.  I’m still planning on walking the 5K on April 20th and May 11th.  I think I’ll be ready.  I can walk 2 miles without much trouble. I’m praying the weather will be better this next week, so I can get some great training in.

Our homeschool is going ok.  Abby is working on fractions, so much fun stuff.  We are reviewing common denominators and working on cross multiplying and changing mixed numbers into improper fractions.  Abby is doing pretty good at it.   We got two more postcards and we are sending ours out on Monday.  We got one from Nebraska, and one from Colorado.

We attend a homeschool co-op on Fridays and at our last co-op we had a guest, Mr. Moses from El Agave.  He came and showed us how to make “Chocolate Chimis”.  They were very rich and delicious.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the chocolate chimis.  But here are a couple of pictures of our guest and the children.  




We had a wonderful time making the chocolate chimis and eating them!!!

That night I made Chimichangas. After seeing Moses making his, I thought “I can do that”. And I did!! They were great. I even made chips out of the flour tortillas.

This past Tuesday night our homeschool group out of Tupelo had our annual Father/Daughter banquet. Abby looked so pretty with her new dress. She and Jim had a great time.


On a different note, my chickens are doing wonderfully. We have been getting 3 to 4 eggs a day. They are small to medium sized and a beautiful brown color. They taste great too. Here is a picture of some of the eggs we have been getting.


I now would like to get more chickens, but I’d have to enlarge the coop. I think if I could do that, I’d be able to get six more chickens. Then I could get at least a half dozen eggs a day. I also want to get some rabbits. Jaime said he could build me a nice rabbit pen. I’d love to breed some rabbits for sale and for food if necessary.

That’s what is happening here! But I do have a prayer request. I’m having some problems and I’m not sure how to do deal with it. So I know you will pray with me about this. Thanks so much for the prayers in advance. Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.




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