Training, homeschooling and our first egg!

My training is going well. I started this past Thursday and I’ve walked almost everyday. One thing I have learned is that the training schedule looks easy ON PAPER, but doing it is totally different. The first day was easy, I walked for 15 min. Easy peazy!! The next day Jim and I walked a mile and a half. We decided to walk together and mark out a 1/2 mile, 3/4 mile and a mile. I had a contraption with a wheel on the end that would count the feet. The thing worked great until we got past the first 1/4 mile, then it kept locking up. I would have to stop and either go backwards or bang it on the ground. So I’m not real sure how accurate our measurements are. But we got to the 1/2 mile and put down the first stake. Then we trudged on the the 3/4 mile and I was just about done, but Jim pushed me on. At the 1 mile mark, we were about 200 feet from the bridge that goes over the river. So we put the stake down and walked on to the river. It was so beautiful! We stayed there for a couple of minutes and looked at the water and the creek that goes into the river right there. But now we had to walk back. I knew I’d never make, so we called my mom and she had my dad come and meet us at the road that we crossed just after we put down the 1/2 mile stake. I think we walked 1 1/2 miles in all. Yesterday my mom and I walked to the 1/2 mile mark and back. Like I said my training is going pretty good. Today I’m planning on doing the exercise glider for at least 15 min.

3 13 13 006

I’m not sure if I have explained about the place where we walk. We live right next to where there used to be railroad tracks. There is now a walking track, where the railroad tracks used to be. Its paved and very nice. The bridge I talked about is very high over the river and about a mile from the house. We had rode bikes down there months ago, the bridge “floor” had been rebuilt, but there was no rails. I couldn’t go across because it made me so dizzy without the rails. Now there are rails and it is so pretty. We walked on the bridge and Jim has even decided we need to put a Geocache there. So as soon as the trail is officially opened, we are going to do that. If you don’t know what geocaching is check out this website: Geocaching.

Homeschooling is going pretty good also. Abby and I signed up for a postcard swap. The rule is you can swap with five families a month. So we got with five families and exchanged addresses. We have received four of the five postcards. We got cards from West Virginia, Texas, Hawaii, and Alaska. We are still waiting on one from England. We have decided to do it again this next month and we are going to try and get a postcard from every state. I’ve even printed out a map of the US on four sheets of paper, so it is pretty big. We are going to mark each state as we get a postcard from it. I’ll make a picture of the map as soon as I get it up. I just printed it today.
Here are the four we have received:

3 13 13 008 3 13 13 009 3 13 13 010 3 13 13 011

They are from left to right: Hawaii, Texas, Alaska, and West Virginia.

Abby is doing good, but we are still struggling with multiplication facts, and long division. I know it just takes practice, but its tedious. She is still writing like crazy. Her assignment this week is to write a fairy tale. She told me she had a great idea, and was already writing away.

We were all excited yesterday, we got our first egg from the chickens! It was kind of small, but we were still really excited. In fact we were all shouting, and mom took a picture of it. I know we are easily entertained.

3 13 13 003

Until next time!


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