Normal Life!?!

Since we have been home from Nashville, life has gotten back to normal.  Whatever that means.  This past Sunday, Jim, Abby and I went to the Hayseed Cowboy Church.  Jim shared his adventures in Peru and showed many pictures.  It was so fun to watch his enthusiasm and compassion for the people of Peru.

We also finally finished the chicken coop and got my chickens.  Jim and I went on Saturday and picked them up.  Abby and Jaime have decided we needed to name them.  So their names are: Nugget, Salad, Sandwich, Dumpling, KFC and Popeye.  They are all hens so I didn’t like Popeye.  But they thought it was funny. I can’t really tell them apart except for two of them.  Here are a couple of pictures of the chicken coop and the chickens.

3 12 13 066

3 12 13 068

My son made the coop for me. We are afraid the nests are too small for the chickens, so we might have to make them bigger. I love that we can just open up the top of the nesting boxes to get the eggs. He also made the door on the side to allow me to clean the coop out.

3 12 13 075

3 12 13 076

These chickens are Rhode Island Reds. They are supposed to be great layers! Here’s hoping.

3 12 13 077

Abby has claimed this chicken as her own. It is the ugliest of them all and she has named her KFC. I’m not sure why she likes this one so much, except it will allow her to pick her up.

Monday night we had our monthly Keepers at Home club meeting. I had the lesson this month so we made Albums out of paper bags. Here are couple of pictures of Abby’s album.

3 13 13 005

This is her cover. She decided her album would be about her and her family.

3 13 13 006 3 13 13 007 3 13 13 008

She got some old and new pictures to show her family and herself. I think she did a great job!

We usually have around 10 or 12 girls, but all the classes were short. It was probably because it’s Spring Break. The girls really enjoyed making the albums and did a great job. I forgot about taking pictures until the very end, so I only got pictures of the last two girls.

3 12 13 079

3 12 13 081

School is going well so far this week. We are studying birds in Science using Apologia “Flying Creatures”. So yesterday we did an experiement to show the force birds feel when using their wings and tail feathers to slow down and stop. Here are a couple of pictures of the girls doing the experiment.

3 13 13 002 3 13 13 001 3 13 13 003

We had a lot of fun running around outside. I thought I took a picture of Abby also, but it turned out as a video of about 2 seconds.

I guess that’s all for my “normal life”, I’m just not sure how truly normal it is.


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