NRB Day 2 wrapped up!

Yesterday was very busy!!  In the morning we went to a breakfast with some great people from the Revive Our Hearts ministries.  We almost got lost getting there, but we finally did make it.  I have to fault the signs in the hotel.  It definately sent us the wrong way.  We walked a quarter of a mile to get to a room that was just around the corner from us.  Evenso, the breakfast was great!  We fellowshipped together and everyone told what event at the convention had touched them so far.  That was wonderful to hear the stories of God’s grace and provision.  I also scored some loot.  Here are some pictures of the books I received.



I’ll write about each one in the future.

I then went to the booth.  If was busy but not crazy.  I met many people.  I had Angie May with me, so that made it fun also.

Abby and I went in the Samaritan’s Purse exhibit.  It was a disaster relief trailer.  They took you through a tornado, showed you the destruction, and then the relief efforts.  It was very dramatic!

In the afternoon, Angie was gracious to allow me to abandon her to attend some classes.  I went to a class about using YouTube, Facebook and Google.  Abby actually attended a class on using Twitter.  They were good, but the Google guy was talking above my head!  Thats probably not that hard to do, but I truly felt lost.

After the last class, I met up with Jim and went to eat the Moody Publishing dinner at Old Hickory Steakhouse.  Here a picture showing the restaurant inside the Gaylord. 


It was wonderful!

We then came back to the room and rested.  I was exhausted and my feet were swollen. But it was a good day. We made some great contacts and met some wonderful people.  So that’s day 2 in a nutshell. 



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