NRB – Day 1 in the bag onto to Day 2

I have just come from listening to Bishop Harry Jackson do his show in the suite.  I could only hear his side, but it sounded great!  We are about to get going on Day 2 here at the NRB Convention.  I have to tell you about my favorite part of NRB.  Last night Abby, Mr. Dan Celia and his wife Yvonne and I went to Joni Erickson-Tada’s Hymn Sing.  It is, by far, my most cherished part of NRB each year.  This is my 4th year to attend and it has grown by leaps and bounds.  In the past it has been in one of the suites in the convention center.  Two years ago it was moved to the front lobby of the convention center.  Now, this year, it was moved to another area of the convention center where they could put up a stage to accommodate Joni and her wheelchair.  Also this year, Keith and Kristyn Getty were there and sang a couple of songs with Joni.  It was wonderful!  I did get a couple of pictures before my phone went dead. 



My youngest daughter, Abby, did arrive last night.  I’m so happy she is here.  She had told us she didn’t want to come on this trip, but after one day and night without us there she was ready to come.  So she caught a ride with a couple of ladies from AFR that were coming yesterday.  Having Abby here makes things so much more fun.  Although some things are harder, like trying to get her up! 

Today I will be working the booth some of the time, but I’m hoping to also go to a couple of the educational classes that are offered.  In the past, I have been able to attend some great classes on social media.  This year there is a class about using Facebook to its fullest, so I’m going to go to that one.  Abby and I are also going to ride the riverboat that is located here in the hotel.  I’ll take some pictures so you can see how huge this place is. 

I’ll post later and put up some pictures of the island area of the hotel  I hope everyone has a blessed day!!



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