NRB – Isreal Breakfast

I am sitting in the Israel breakfast at NRB. I’m listening to the speakers talking about the struggles and desires of all the people of Israel. I truly believe the Israel does have the right to exist, but am I doing anything about it. One statement that hit me right between my eyes was, “love is not shown in words but in deeds.” I love the Israeli people because they are God’s chosen people. But then I do have to ask myself if I am doing what God would have me do to show my love in more than just my words but in my deeds.

What can I do? I know the greatest deed I CAN do is to pray! But even that doesn’t seem enough. I have truly been touched. My heart has been stirred. What would my Lord have me do?

Would you pray with me? Pray for Israel and for what we, as Christian American Gentiles, can do to support the land of Israel.

Thank you for listening to my rantings.



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