NRB Conference in Nashville

Jim and I are in Nashville for the NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) Conference. We have come up early to begin broadcasting in the morning, Saturday, March 2nd. We got here around 8:30pm and finally got checked in. I’ve come with Jim for around four years now to help work the information booth. This is the first year we have had a suite though Jim will be broadcasting from the “parlor” area of the suite, but I will have to go down to the convention floor where the booth will be.

We are staying at the Gaylord Hotel which is where the conference is being held. If you have never been here, it is amazing. The hotel is huge! The rooms are located around the outside of the building and there are five sections. In the center of it is a “river” and an island. There are many restaurants and shops on and around the island and in the room areas. We are in the Garden section and it is so beautiful! Our balcony looks out into a magnificent indoor garden area and one of the restaurants. I’ll take pictures and post them as the week goes by.

This will be a busy week, but I’ll try and post every other day at least. Here are a few pictures of our room, the “parlor” and the view from our balcony.






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