Diet update

Well I just wanted to update you on a couple of things. I got my two bottle of pills today and on the slip of paper that came with them it said I had only a 14 day trial. I called the number and argued with the people to no avail. I asked how much the stuff was a month and they are around $80 a month each. I felt like screaming into the phone, “Are you crazy!”, but i restrained myself. So I cancelled my order. I’m keeping 14 days worth of the pills, but I have to send the rest back.
The other thing is I found Raspberry Ketone Extract at Walmart for $10. I’m wondering if its the same thing. I’m going to take the bottles I got today and compare. I’ll let you know.
So I just wanted to warn anyone that was thinking of getting the pills and trying it. I’ll still let you know how it goes with the 14 days worth of pills I’m keeping.
God bless you!


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