Diet update

Well I just wanted to update you on a couple of things. I got my two bottle of pills today and on the slip of paper that came with them it said I had only a 14 day trial. I called the number and argued with the people to no avail. I asked how much the stuff was a month and they are around $80 a month each. I felt like screaming into the phone, “Are you crazy!”, but i restrained myself. So I cancelled my order. I’m keeping 14 days worth of the pills, but I have to send the rest back.
The other thing is I found Raspberry Ketone Extract at Walmart for $10. I’m wondering if its the same thing. I’m going to take the bottles I got today and compare. I’ll let you know.
So I just wanted to warn anyone that was thinking of getting the pills and trying it. I’ll still let you know how it goes with the 14 days worth of pills I’m keeping.
God bless you!


Menu Monday

I’m going to try and do Menu Mondays again. I love having a menu ready each week. It’s been crazy around here since we have moved into the new house.

This week we will be having:

Monday – Pork steaks (in the oven with dales), with mashed potatos and mixed vegetables

Tuesday – Sloppy Tots

Wednesday – Chicken Alfredo with angel hair pasta.

Thursday – Homemade pizzas

Friday – Lasagna Fry and green beans

Saturday – Sloppy Joes and FF

Sunday – Jim will grill

Dieting. UGH!

I’ve decided that I have to go on a diet.  I’ve dieted so many times before I just can’t seem to even begin to believe its worth it.  BUT, you knew there was going to be a but, I’ve got to lose weight.  I can’t walk any distance without being out of breath.  I know some of it is the sad condition of my lungs and the asthma, but I also know that if I lose weight it will get better.  I read this article. So I have decided to try the Raspberry Ketone Extract.  Here is a link to the Dr. Oz show that talks about Raspberry Ketone Extract.  I’m also going to try a colon cleanze that is supposed to make the weight loss results even better.  So I’ll try and let you know how it goes.  I’m not sure how long it will take to get them in, but as soon as I do I’ll start letting you know.  Wish me luck!!

My husband’s Peru mission trip

I would like to share with you my husband’s missionary trip to Peru.  He was asked to go to Peru with Operation Christmas Child.  He left Monday, Feb. 18th and arrived back hom on the 22nd.  This trip was a wonderful opportunity for Jim to see missions in action.

Monday Jim was traveling the entire day.  The only thing about this is that he had to fly West to Dallas, to then go East to Miami, to then go South to Peru.  It was crazy!  He left at around 6am from Memphis and arrived in Peru at 10pm.  It was a very long day!!!

Tuesday and Wednesday his team, the red team, had two distributions each day.  Each church put on a program before the boxes were passed out.  Jim said that one of the things that really got to him was the children’s pure delight.  There were some things that he was surprised about.  One was how excited the children were to get their picture taken and then to see the picture right then.  The other was how much the children loved getting letters in their boxes.  He said that when a child got a letter they would run to the interpreter and have him read it to them.  Some of the pictures Jim took are just amazing and precious.

Another thing that was amazing was how children recieved things that they needed.  Not just toys, but real needs.  One child needed orthopedic shoes.  He found in his box orthopedic shoes in his size.  Another child had problems with his teeth and that child recieved medicated toothpaste.  You have to understand these boxes are randomly chosen to go to an area.  There is no way someone would know what to send.  This is purely a God thing!  Is that not amazing and wonderful!!!  Our God is an awesome God.

Thursday the team had one distribution in the morning and then had some free time to go to the market.  Jim also went and found a geocache while he was there.  So now TeamTSH is international.  Jim’s trip back home on Friday was just as long as Monday.  Even longer since the plane leaving Dallas to Memphis left late.  He arrived in Memphis around 10:30pm.  Abby and I didn’t care though, we were just happy he was home.

This trip has been such a wonderful experience for Jim.  He has been talking and showing pictures all day.  It’s great to see his heart in this matter.

If you would like to see some of the pictures from Jim’s trip, find him on facebook at

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