Menu Plan for Week of April 29

This Week we will be having:

Sunday – Left overs

Monday –  Mandarin Chicken

Tuesday – Taco Soup

Wednesday – BBQ Chicken

Thursday – Teriyaki Pork

Friday – Chicken Supreme (I didn’t fix this last week, so I moved it over to this week.)

Saturday – Lasagna Roll Ups

I really think this helps me to do a better job feeding my family.  I’ll put up recipes for the Mandarin Chicken, Teriyaki Pork,, and Lasagna Roll Ups.  Thanks for stopping by.


New Menu Plan

I’m going to start putting up my menu plans every week.  I’m going to try and do it on Mondays.  I know I’m a LITTLE late.  I’m hoping this will help me do my menu plans every week.  This week its worked well.  I actually have two weeks planned.  My hubby gets paid every other week, so I plan for two weeks at a time.  I’ll only put one week at a time.

This week in the Stanley House we will be serving:

Sunday – Take out

Monday – Spaghetti w/ garlic bread

Tuesday – Creamy Pesto Chicken w/ mixed vegetables and bowtie pasta.

Wednesday – Black Beans and Sausage over rice

Thursday – Chicken Bisquit Pockets w/ green bean cassrole

Friday – Tacos

Saturday – Chicken Supreme w/ creamy corn

Recipes for Creamy Pesto Chicken, Chicken Bisquit Pockets and Chicken Supreme will be posted on the recipes page.

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