Homeschool Wrap-up

This week in our homeschool we did get some things accomplished.  We have been working on starting our timeline to go along with our History.   We are using The Story of the World this year and we are really loving it.  We are also doing a lapbook that I found at The Chronicle of the Earth. Here a couple of pictures of our timeline.


And here a of picture of our lapbook.  This shows chapter 1 – 9.

In English and in Math we are using ACE.  In English she is working on Subjective and Objective verbs and in Math she is working on long division and reducing fractions.  I seem to have to reteach both these skills every week.

In Science we are using a science curriculum I found for free on the internet.  It is not bad.  The only cost is the printing.  I guess she could read the lessons on the computer, but I usually print it out.  There are questions, puzzles and activites to go along with each lesson.  The website for this curriculum is Classic Science. 

In spelling, I made up my own curriculum.  I found a series word lists and I’m using those as a base list.  I do change the “academic words” to correspond with our science curriculum.

We are using Writing Strands for Creative Writing.  It is slow going but she is learning a lot.

We are also doing a Geography curriculum that I wrote.  You can read about it at Geography Curriculum Script, the post was on Jan. 4th, 2012.

In the curriculum you use a large wall map like this one.

And then you put together a report on the state which includes state information, a fmaous person sheet and much more.


On the last day you put a sticker in the passport and choose the next state.


I have this curriculum for sale for $10.50.

This week we have been working hard to get our work done.  On Friday we go to a co-op from 8 – 11 am and then eat lunch with the other families. My daughter is taking three classes at the co-op.  They are:  The Young PeaceMaker, Book Club, and Sign Language.  We really enjoy going to co-op.  Being the only child left at home, this is a time for her to be with her friends.

I hope you enjoyed our “Homeschool Wrap-up”




Webcast – History Curriculum, Activities and Timeling.

Today we will discuss History curriculum, activities we do with our History curriculm and how to make a timeline.  First I’d like to tell you about the curriculum that I use.  We are currently using “The Story of the World”.  I bought the soft cover book and the activity book.  I really like the review questions, the map work and the activities that are available in this book.  The activity book has both the teacher’s guide and the student workbook in it.  Every chapter has a reading portion in the book, questions, map work and activities in the activity book.  These books sell for around $12.00 for the book and $ 23.50 for the activity book.  The hardbond book runs about $16.00.

The activities that I add to this are our timeline and a lapbook.  I found the lapbook components on this website:  The Chronicle of the Earth  This is a good website by a homeschooling family.

Our timeline we made from file folders.  Here is a picture:




This is just the start of our timeline, but we are both very excited about it.  We started at Creation (4000 BC) and we have gone to about 2100 BC.  I’m not sure of some of my dates, but its fun to try and figure it out.

The other two curriculums that I have to show are “The Mystery of History”.  The curriculum begins with Biblical history and intertwines both Biblical and World history.  So you can see how things lined up.  She also has questions, activities and map work.  She also adds pretests, and tests.  This curriculum runs around $39.00 and will last an entire year.  The third curriculum is called “TruthQuest History”.  This curriculum has you reading about the history through library books.  She gives you an overview of the time period and then gives you a list of library books for you to read.  The curriculum is around $25.00.

The rest of the webcast was talking about what other curriculums were used and liked.

You can view the webcast at:

If there are any questions please email me at

thanks and I’ll see you next week.


“Pins I’ve Pinned Monday” – Late posting

So today I’m starting my new schedule for my blog.  On Mondays I will be highlighting some of the “pins” I’ve put up on my pinterest site. It will be just a highlight of some of the pins I like that most.  I’ll try also to put up pictures.

The first one is a cute menu board.  It’s made with a simple picture frame, some decorative paper and lettering.  Then you use a wipe-off marker to do your menus.  You write right on the glass and then wipe-off to put up the next week’s menu.



The next one is a wonderful journal idea.  If you journal you will appreciate this one.  This is a perpetual journal using notecards, dividers and some type of box for storage.  The idea is to just jot down a sentence to describe your day on the card.  Then put it in the back and go to the next card.  Then next year, you will write another one sentence and so on.  After a few years it will be so much fun to see what happened on the same day each year.  I would change one thing though.  I write pretty big so I would probably not cut the cards in half, but use the entire card.

My final pin for today is a neat organizational tool for your front entry way.  I plan on using this in my new house.  My husband is constantly forgetting his ID, so I’m going to try and get him to use this to put his ID in so it will be right there each morning as he leaves.  This is just a divided basket to put those little items you put down as you come in the door each evening.  For us it will not include our phones, but keys, IDs, and maybe wallets will be our labels.

I hop you enjoyed this first “Pins I’ve Pinned Monday” post.  Let me know what you think.  And if you have some great pins, I would love to pin them myself.  So just email me.

Have a great day!!


A blog you should check out

I found a blog today that I think is worth following.  I also thought that might be a good topic to put into one of those days I don’t have covered.

Anyway, the blog is a homeschooling mom in my area.  She is blogging about her homeschool journey with five children.  She is homeschooling two teenage girls and she has written her own Home Ec. curriculum.  What I have seen so far looks great.  Her blog is

Joyful Johnsons

So go and check her out!!

I will post a little later my “Pins I have Pinned”.


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