Home at last!

Well we are home!  It was a great trip, but I’m happy we will be home for about a month.  Our next trip will be near the end of May going to Washington DC.  Abby is excited about this one.  She loved our trip to Washington last year, so she knows what to look forward to.  We will also be going to Wichita, KS on June 18 & 19.

Our visit to Asheville, NC was really nice.  We spent Wednesday being tourists. We went to the North Carolina Arbortetum.  The gardens were magnificent.  There was one garden called the quilt garden.  Every year they pick a quilt pattern and plant the garden to match.  We then went to the downtown area.  It is very artsy and very quaint. We ate lunch, went to a “chocolate lounge”, shopped, and then went to the library.  Our last stop was to “Three Dog Bakery”.  Abby got our dog, Odie, some treats.  The bad thing was when we got home and gave him his treats, he wouldn’t eat them.  I guess we have a country dog, not a “high faluting” dog.   

I’m looking forward to be at home for a spell.  Its so good to be around friends and family.  Tomorrow we will be in our church.  I pray that we can use this time at home to serve Our Father.


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