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I haven’t been online much in the past couple of weeks.  We got home on a thursday, and I was so happy to be home, but on Sunday my precious father suffered a stroke.  It has been a hard road, but I’m happy to report he is doing well.  In fact he is coming home from the hospital today.  He still has physical therapy to endure three days a week, but he is a fighter.  He has been working the therapists at the hospital to death.  As a family, we have been reevaluating some things because of this trial.  We have decided that we need to consoladate mine and my mom and dad’s households.  As my parents get older, they will need me to be closer, so we are going to get a jump on it.  I’m actually excited to know that they will be closer to me.  We are looking for a place that we can build on or a house we can build onto.  We are hoping to have two houses side by side.

This experience has made me appreciate my parents so much.  I know that many people my age (late 40s) have already lost a parent.  I have been truly blessed in that I still have both my parents with me.  I want to be there for them as well as having a close relationship with them.  I also want my children to be close to them.  They can learn so much from their grandparents. 

I will try and do better with my blogging.  Be blessed!



Home at last!

Well we are home!  It was a great trip, but I’m happy we will be home for about a month.  Our next trip will be near the end of May going to Washington DC.  Abby is excited about this one.  She loved our trip to Washington last year, so she knows what to look forward to.  We will also be going to Wichita, KS on June 18 & 19.

Our visit to Asheville, NC was really nice.  We spent Wednesday being tourists. We went to the North Carolina Arbortetum.  The gardens were magnificent.  There was one garden called the quilt garden.  Every year they pick a quilt pattern and plant the garden to match.  We then went to the downtown area.  It is very artsy and very quaint. We ate lunch, went to a “chocolate lounge”, shopped, and then went to the library.  Our last stop was to “Three Dog Bakery”.  Abby got our dog, Odie, some treats.  The bad thing was when we got home and gave him his treats, he wouldn’t eat them.  I guess we have a country dog, not a “high faluting” dog.   

I’m looking forward to be at home for a spell.  Its so good to be around friends and family.  Tomorrow we will be in our church.  I pray that we can use this time at home to serve Our Father.

Day Three in Asheville, NC

We have been in Asheville for three days.  It’s a beautiful city.  We haven’t seen a lot yet, but we are planning a trip to shop and play around tomorrow.  Jim is working very hard so we don’t see him until late everyday.  We knew this conference would be the busiest for him, especially since we are not staying where the conference is being held.

Before we came to NC, we were in Cincinnati, OH for the homeschool conference there.  We were also previldged to be able to visit The Creation Museum in northern Kentucky.  It is located just thirty minutes from Cincinnati.  It was a great place!!  If you get a chance to go, please do.  We had so much fun and learned a lot.  It has been the highlight of our trip.

Abby and I have been doing school work in the mornings, and then playing some in the afternoons.  We went to the West North Carolina Nature Center yesterday.  Abby called it the “bee center”.  There were an extraordinary amount of bees there.  Abby is allergic to bees, so this was very tramatic for her.  We eventually got through the swarm and enjoyed the afternoon.

Today is rainy, so we have decided to stay inside and swim for the afternoon.  We picked this hotel  because it has an indoor pool.  So far we have taken advantage of the pool everyday.  Abby has made some friends as well.  One family she particularily had fun with live in North Atlanta.  They left yesterday, Abby was sad to see them go. 

Tomorrow we are planning a big day.  Ms. Carol Smith is going to come and go with us.  She is the wife of Mr. Buddy Smith from AFA. We are planning on going downtown to shop and look around.  There are a couple of museums that I’m hoping to visit too.  I had hoped to go to The Biltmore, but it is just too much money, so I don’t think we will go.  There is an arboretum I really hope to go to.

We will be leaving to go home on Thursday.  I’m ready to be home!  It has been fun and interesting, BUT I’m ready for my own bed.

Well, until next time.  Be blessed.

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