On the Road Again!

Well we are travelling again.  We are just above Nashville right now.  We will be headed to The Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky.  I’m really looking forward to it.  You can check them out at http://www.creationmuseum.org/ .  AFR will be broadcasting from there tomorrow for two shows.  The later show will be with Jim and Marvin for “Exploring the Word”.  Marvin is in Tupelo and Jim will be in KY, so check them out at 3pm central time.

On Friday we will be in Cincinnati, OH for the homeschool convention.  AFR will be broadcasting from the Homeschool Channel’s booth on Friday and Saturday.  I’m looking forward to hearing some of the speakers and going to some of the classes.  This is a really big conference, so I’m blessed to be able to attend.

On Saturday we will be headed to Ashville, NC for the “Revive Our Hearts” conference at The Cove.  Abby and I will not be attending, but I’m hoping to see some of the historical sites in Ashville. There are many wonderful places to explore there. I’ll be posting again about our adventures.

Check out my homeschool blog, tshhomeschool.wordpress.com where I’ll be posting about our homeschooling journey while travelling.  We are truly blessed to be travelling with Jim.  This is a rare opportunity for both Abby and I.

Thanks for the prayers! and be blessed.


Day 2 – West Des Moines, IA

Today has been fun.  After breakfast, Abby and I did school work.  Abby seems to be loving being able to do school work in the hotel room.  I like it too, maybe too much.  We did most of it from the bed.  Like I said I like it too much.  ‘

Today Abby and I talked about Vertebrates and Invertebrates.  She did a web on the differents types of invertebrates.  She had never done a web before, so it was fun.  We got on the internet to do the research and saw some great pictures of sponges, jellyfish, squid, and many, many more.

We are using a science workbook I got from a Wall’s in our hometown.  I’m looking into a science program that will work well for her, but for right now we are doing it on our own.  I’m using the workbook as my guide and then I’m adding to it.  We use the internet, graphic organizers, books, and our imaginations to add to the science workbook.  So far we are enjoying it.

After school work, we went shopping since we forgot jackets at home and we were freezing.  We both found jackets at Old Navy for $3.  Truly!  We then, of course, went to Walmart.  No matter where I am I can’t go one day without going into a Walmart.  Sad.  After that we came back to the hotel and went swimming.  It was nice.

I hope everyone is having a great week.


It is so great to be able to travel with

It is so great to be able to travel with Jim. I know this wouldn’t have been possible if we were still in the public schools. It’s been a hard transition for me to come back home from the public school classroom, but God is showing me the joys of homeschooling all over again.
We are on the road to Des Moines, IA for three days then to Kentucky for two days. It is so great to just pack up our school work and bring it with us. Abby and I used my new “teacher’s” rolling cart and a small tool box to pack everything we needed. We were both so excited to come with daddy on this trip. I love homeschooling!!

How Great is Our God

Last night at church we watch a DVD segment featuring Louie Giglio.  It was awesome!  If you get a chance to listen to him at anytime, do it.  He talked about how magnificent our world is and how awesome the heavens are.  He read a scripture that described God as a “star breather”.  He also showed us how wonderfully made we are.  Have you ever heard of Laminin?  This is a protein in our bodies that binds everything together.  This is picture of Laminin, remember this is a protein inside our bodies.

Is this not AWESOME!  I was so moved.  We are truly fearfully and wonderfully made.  God has put inside us the cross, and this is what is holding us together from our cells up.  This information is life-changing.  If you have any doubts about your worth, this should help you to see your own worth.

Blessings and Honor to our God and Lord.

Our Spelling Program

Spelling has been a trial and error kind of thing for us.  We have been using ACE Word Building for spelling, but she has about 50 words per book.  Its just too much for her. A couple of weeks ago, I started trying something on our own which has worked pretty well.  I found the concept at Unique Teaching Resources , this is a great site.  I’ve used some of her book report templates and Abby and Kristin have really enjoyed them.  Getting back to spelling, her philosophy is to build your own spelling word list.  You get 7 words from the most commonly used words in our language, 7 words from the most commonly misspelled words in our language, and 7 words from a spelling rule.  So you only have 21 words per week.  For Abby that has been more manageable.  I had to look up the basic spelling rules, but from there it has been easy.

I am going to try another program also with Abby.  Its called Sequential Spelling.  They have a website if you would like to check them out.  I think this program will help Abby start from the easiest words and work up.  I also think it will help her gain some confidence with her spelling.  I’m hoping to use this program with both the girls.  It has a pretty good remedial tract, if the student needs more help. I’ll post on how it’s going as we work through each program.


Creative Writing

I have been looking  for a good  creative writing program for my daughter.  At the homeschool convention I looked into a couple of programs, but both were expensive.  I started looking on the internet to see what I could find.  I did find a couple of things, and Abby and I started one yesterday.  This is one of the activities we have decided to do.  She picks four numbers, each one between 1 and 10.  The first is the character, the second is the setting, the third is the time period, and the last is the situation.  I made cards to correspond to each number.  For example: the character cards are #1 – an older lady, #2 – a photographer, #3 – an alien from outer space, etc.  After she picked her cards, we made a sentence to go with the cards she picked.  Her sentence turned out to be:  A photographer was at a shopping mall after a thunderstorm has just passed and someone had just reached an important goal.  After some whinning about it, she actually did a great job.  She will work on this story for about a week.  We will then proofread, rewrite and publish her work.  I’ve been thinking about how to publish her writing.  I know I’m going to allow her to type her story, but then I think I might try and find a website that publishes students’ writing.  I’ve seen a couple of these sites, I just need to research them and find a good one.  If anyone knows of a good site please let me know.  When we do publish her story, I’ll post where you can read it.

Next time I will tell you about the spelling program we have started. 

Until next time.

We had a wonderful meal tonight at The O

We had a wonderful meal tonight at The Old Hickory Steakhouse. I had a Lobster Chop Chop salad, and then Jim and shared a NY strip. The meal was exceptional.

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